360 Monitor Free

Camera Models: V, Z1

Developer: SKUNK WORKS

Technologies: client mode


With RICOH THETA V / RICOH THETA Z1, you can browse on-site situation! You can remotely browse the 360 degree images taken at intervals via the dedicated website.


By installing the 360 Monitor plug-in, you can transform your THETA into a monitoring camera. With the simple system, you can record and view the children and pets at home, the family at a remote place, the office and the store during the self-restraint period.


  • THETA must be used in client mode.



Connect RICOH THETA in client mode.


See the following for further details on how to connect and adjust settings for the RICOH THETA in client mode.






  1. From the basic app for smartphones, select "Settings" > "Camera settings" and set "360 Monitor" in "Plug-in", then tap the icon displayed next to "Starting plug-in".
  3. The browser is launched and the settings screen appears.
  5. When creating a new account, enter the "email address" and "password" used on the dedicated website.
  7. If necessary, change the shooting conditions to set "shooting time" and "blurring ON/OFF".
  9. With the above, interval shooting and image upload to the dedicated website will start automatically.
  11. Upon exiting the plug-in mode, the upload will end.

For more information, please refer to the following website:


Operation Manual




  1. Depending on the network conditions, you may not be able to upload images.
  3. When used for a long time, the operation may stop due to heat generation. In that case, please reboot THETA and start the plug-in again.

Usage and Information

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