This website is developed by Oppkey, a developer relations firm based in Silicon Valley. This is not an official RICOH THETA website. We are consultants working with RICOH.

This site lists RICOH THETA plug-ins, Android applications that can be installed in THETA cameras to add functionality.

Information on plug-ins here on this site includes a description and a link to installation. Where possible, plug-in entries link to open source code that can help developers understand the functionality or to download and use the code directly. Some plug-ins are for Developers Only, meaning that the code is available, but the plug-in cannot be installed from RICOH’s GitHub site.

The theta360.guide Developers Forum has more information. If you have questions about plug-in development, posting your questions there may get useful responses from the community.

last updated Aug. 22, 2023, 12:41 p.m.