Bracket Quick Shot

Camera Models: V

Developer: jimmieD


Take 3 shots at different exposures.



Press shutter button and automatically take 3 shots of the same scene at different exposures. Either throw away 2 shots after the shoot and keep the best one to use or combine all 3 shots into an HDR file with PhotoShop or the free software such Picturenaut or Luminance HDR.


When To Use

This is for people that don't want to use the mobile app to take bracketed shots. If you enjoy the experience of working only with the camera when you take a picture and not have to fiddle with the mobile app, Bracket Quick Shot will allow you to take three shots easily. It's intended that you go back home or to your studio after the shoot and experiment with different light and dark exposures at your computer using PhotoShop or other tools.



Takes 3 shots

Exposure Compensation (-1, 0, +1)

Preserves image metadata

Audio beep after each shot

Wi-Fi LED flashes cyan when taking shots


How to Use

Put into plug-in mode

Put camera on tripod

Press shutter button. There is no audio or visual cue.

Quickly hide if you want to get out of the shot.

First picture is taken after 4 seconds.

Each subsequent shot is taken after 4 seconds.

After the third shot, you can retrieve your camera.


Other Tools to Consider Instead of 3 Bracket Quick Shot

This is a niche tool for people that do not like having to bring out the mobile phone for quick shots. Consider other tools for your specific needs.


If you want to create the HDR files inside the camera, check out HDR2EXR by Kasper. HDR2EXR also saves the original images at different exposures.


The RICOH mobile app can also create a blended jpeg image from 3 files automatically. The mobile app can also take bracketed images.


5 Shot Feature

If you press the Wi-Fi button on the side of the camera, 3 Bracket Quick Shot will take 5 images with exposure compensation of (-2, -1, 0, +1, +2). Press the Wi-Fi button again to set Lightside Darkside back to 3 images. When you first press the Wi-Fi side button, there's a small beep, but no visual indicator. When you are taking the 5 shots, the Wi-Fi LED will flash magenta.



Although 3 Bracket Quick Shot is designed for you to throw away 2 out of the 3 images and just keep one, you can use all three images in a single HDR file.


The example below is using Luminance HDR.


You can also create HDR files from all 5 images.

Usage and Information

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