Starry Sky Snap

Camera Models: V, Z1

Developer: Ricoh Company, Ltd.


This plug-in can easily shoot the starry sky.

Various shooting settings are required to shoot the starry sky. With this plug-in, just press the shutter button in an environment where the starry sky is visible. The camera will then analyze the best shooting settings for the starry sky and then shoot the sky. This enables you to easily shoot the starry sky without requiring any expert knowledge.

Operation Method:


  • In the basic app for smartphone, select “Settings” → “Cam settings” → “Plug-in” → “Starry Sky Snap”. Press and hold the mode button to start the plug-in.

  • Press the shutter button on the camera to shoot.


  • For RICOH THETA Z1, press the wireless button to select the file save format from “JPEG” and “RAW+”.


  • Press the shutter button.

  • Up to 2 test shots are taken before the final shot to analyze the shooting settings. (The shutter sound for long exposure shooting is used to notify the user that a test shot is taken.)

  • The self-timer sound is used to notify the user that analysis is complete.

  • The final shot is taken with the shutter sound for normal long exposure shooting.

  • The following alert occurs when areas higher than 60° elevation are temporarily illuminated by strong light during the test shot. If the following alert occurs, move to a location not affected by the light that triggered the alert or take similar measures, and then shoot again.

RICOH THETA Z1: "NOT STABLE SKY" is displayed.
RICOH THETA V: The wireless lamp lights in red

  • RICOH THETA Z1 is compatible with the Remote Control TR-1. RICOH THETA V is not compatible.
  • The file name of the final shot is not sequentially numbered because the plug-in deletes the test shot results.

When shooting is complete, the night sky status is displayed.

The status is notified by a character string for RICOH THETA Z1 and the wireless lamp color for RICOH THETA V.

"TOO BRIGHT SKY" (magenta)

For RICOH THETA Z1, pressing the Fn button after shooting is complete enables you to view the shooting settings.

These shooting settings can be used as reference when shooting the starry sky from the same position with a different camera.


Shooting with this plug-in is not possible from the basic app for smartphone.

It may take as long as 60 seconds of exposure depending on the darkness of the night sky when using this plug-in. Always secure the camera on a tripod or similar item when shooting with this plug-in.

This plug-in determines the shooting settings from an area higher than 60° elevation, regardless of the camera tilt. Shoot the sky from a location that does not have any unwanted light entering the shot or any obstacles such as tree branches in the area.

When the camera shutter button is pressed and the camera detects that it is not fixed in position, you will hear a warning sound and then the camera will perform normal shooting. RICOH THETA Z1 will also display the warning icon [!] on the right side of the plug-in name.

The file save format set with RICOH THETA Z1 is retained by the plug-in. Even if the plug-in is exited, the set format will be taken over at the next plug-in startup.

If this plug-in is not exited properly, the camera settings before starting the plug-in may have been changed.

Usage and Information

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