Theta Magic Filters

Camera Models: V

Developer: Dream and Build

Technologies: OpenCV


Uses OpenCv to process images and generates interesting filters for the camera.


- Image Equalization (color)
- Binarization of image or Threshold (Red, Green and Blue)
- Grayscale
- Blur
- Erosion-Dilatation
- Negative

How it Works:

Once activated, we can select the desired filter using the “Mode” button, depending on the color that the Wi-Fi symbol has, it will be the effect that will be applied to the image.

Blue: Image Equalization (color)
Green: Image Binarization or Threshold (Red, Green and Blue)
Cyan: Grayscale
Magenta: Blur
Yellow: Erosion-Dilatation
White: Negative

Once the filter is selected, we only have to press the Shutter button to take the image and save it, the image will be saved in a folder called “Filtered Images."


when the filter is being applied the WiFi symbol will flash, until it stops blinking. Do not press any other button, this process takes 1 - 4 seconds depending on the filter.

Usage and Information

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