Underside Cover

Camera Models: V, Z1

Developer: Ricoh Company, Ltd.


An image can be automatically inserted into the bottom of a 360-degree image during shooting to hide scenery below the camera, such as a tripod or hand. You can select from the following images to insert.

- Image (image saved on a smartphone)

- Text

-THETA Logo (default setting)

The selected image is inserted during shooting even when the camera is not connected to a smartphone.

  • Use the basic app for smartphone to transfer and save the image.
  • Shooting settings cannot be changed with the plug-in. Make shooting settings using the basic app for smartphone before running the plug-in.


How to Launch:

  1. Set "Animation Auto Framing" as an active plug-in from "Settings" - "Camera settings" - "Plug-in" in "RICOH THETA" basic app for the smartphone.
  3. Press and hold the Mode button to activate the plug-in.

How to shoot:

Tap the icon displayed next to "Start plug-in" in the basic app for smartphone. The browser is activated, and the settings screen appears. Or just click the shutter button.

After the shooting is done, animation is automatically generated.

Usage and Information

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