BT Earphone Remote

Camera Models: V, Z1

Developer: SKUNK WORKS

Source Code Available

Technologies: Bluetooth


With this THETA plug-in, you can remotely control THETA from Bluetooth audio devices such as earphones.


The pairing procedure is simple. All you have to do is make your Bluetooth audio device pairable and launch this THETA plug-in.


By manipulating your audio device, you can:

-Shoot by operating "Play / Pause".

-Exposure compensation can be increased / decreased by operating "Next track / Previous track".

-Increase / decrease the volume by operating "Volume up / down".


The results of exposure compensation and volume control will be announced by voice (English or Japanese).


You can switch the speaking language by long press the WLAN button of THETA.


You can also adjust the volume by short press the WLAN button or Mode button.



Launching this plug-in switches the capture mode to "still image capture mode".

Even after the plug-in ends, the capture mode remains in the "still image capture mode".

Usage and Information

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