Chicken Shot!

Camera Models: V

Developer: Chuck Pressman

Technologies: audio


This plug-in is called Chicken Shot! and it plays two different bird calls from the THETA internal speaker. It is intended for having use in a chicken pen or maybe outdoors in order to catch chickens or birds doing interesting things. The plug-in is controlled by a webpage with two buttons for the bird calls and one button for taking a picture. This makes it super simple and obvious to use, which is useful when you're trying to take bird pictures.


Basically, there are three things you can do with this plug-in.

  • Play two different pre-recorded bird calls using the THETA speaker. Grab the bird's attention!
  • Take a 360° picture. Candid shots are the best!
  • Record your own voice using the mic in your THETA and use it the same way you were using the bird calls, to attract attention and take pictures.



This plug-in is based on code used in Meow Shot! created by Hideki Shiro. Thank you Shiro-san!


NanoHTTPD Copyright (c) 2012-2013 by Paul S. Hawke, 2001, 2005-2013 by Jarno Elonen, 2010 by Konstantinos Togias All rights reserved.


theta-plugin-sdk Copyright 2018 theta4j project


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