HID Remote

Camera Models: V, Z1

Developer: SKUNK WORKS

Source Code Available


With this plug-in, you can remotely control THETA using the connected HID (Human Interface Device).


There are various types of HID such as keyboard, mouse, finger presenter, game controller, VR mouse and so on.
Both wired and wireless types of HID can be used.


Since V1.1.0, it is compatible with Bluetooth HID devices, so it can be used with a wide range of devices. If you upgrade the FW version, enable the remote control function with the pre-installed Remote Control plug-in before starting this plug-in, then you can also use Bluetooth HID devices. https://www.thetalab.ricoh/plugin/remote-control/


Not all HIDs have been tested. So far, the ones that are mainly compatible with Windows and Android are available.


Currently, there are 27 assignable actions at this time (28 ways when including "no action"). There is also an operation in which THETA utters and conveys the result of remote operation. It supports English and Japanese, and the language switch is assigned to the Mode button by default.


Please refer here for details:



When using this plug-in, the buttons on the THETA main unit have the same mechanism as HID.
You can also change the role of the buttons on the THETA.


Use this plug-in to customize your THETA for better usability.


What's New


The contents of the version upgrade are as follows.


1. Bilingual support and improved sound quality:

The previous version only supported Japanese, but now it supports two languages, Japanese and English.
In addition, the sound quality of synthetic voice has been improved.

If you continue to use this plug-in from the previous version, assign the item "TGGLE_LANGUAGE" to one of thebutton, switch to your favorite language setting, and then return to the previous button assignment.


2. OLED display change when using THETA Z1:

Changed to display the plug-in name while the plugin is running.


3. Support for Bluetooth HID

Even if the version of the plug-in is old, it was possible to use it by upgrading the FW version of THETA, but I described how to use it again.

Usage and Information

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