HoloBuilder 360 SiteStream

Camera Models: V

Developer: HoloBuilder Inc


HoloBuilder’s 360° SiteStream plug-in allows you to livestream your construction sites in 360° and 24/7. Setup your Ricoh Theta V in mission critical locations on your construction site and remotely zoom into your project from anywhere to see what is going on right at that moment. The camera is portable and can be repositioned to other locations if needed. Add as many 360° live streams as you’d like, giving you numerous options for live streaming of the site.


Traditionally, construction live stream cameras are mounted on other buildings seeing only the outside of projects, missing important details from indoors. By positioning as many livestreaming 360° cameras as you want you have an unlimited views of your project from the first person perspective. You can access all your livestreams from a user-friendly dashboard on HoloBuilder.com.


As SiteWatcher is part of HoloBuilder’s reality capturing solution, you can easily integrate your live-stream into existing HoloBuilder projects to see past reality capturing information.


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