Quick Transfer Ready

Camera Models: V, Z1

Developer: Ricoh Company, Ltd.


This plug-in applies top/bottom correction to the recorded videos. When the image is saved as dual fish, this plug-in applies top/bottom correction and stitching process. As the video is converted inside THETA, shooting is not available while this plug-in is in use. By using this plug-in before transferring video files to a smartphone, it can reduce the data transfer time.

*Please note that the video converted with this plug-in will overwrite the original data.

*All video files with a recording time of 5 minutes or less are will be converted. If you have many video files, please note that it will take time to finish converting all the files.

*If the conversion takes time, you can shut down the process. The original video file that was being converted will be safely retained.

*The conversion process starts from the video file with the latest date.

Usage and Information

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