RICOH THETA Plug-in Slack Uploader Sample

Developer Only

Camera Models: V

Developer: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Source Code Available


This is a RICOH THETA plug-in that uploads the photos you have taken to Slack.
Create a bot in the Slack workspace you want to post to
Get an API token and set it to SLACK_BOT_TOKEN in
static final private String SLACK_BOT_TOKEN = "write your slackbot token here";
Get the channel ID of the posting destination and set it to channelIdList of
private List<String> channelIdList = Arrays.asList(
    "write your channel 1 ID here",
    "write your channel 2 ID here");
Method of operation:
Operation function
Shutter button Upload to Slack after taking a still image (works in CL mode)
Mode button Change the channel to post
Mode button (long press) Start/end plug-in

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