Single Lens Shooting

Camera Models: V, Z1

Developer: Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Single Lens Shooting can take a still image with only the front lens (opposite the shutter button).

There are two kinds of aspect ratio.

4:3 (Angle of view: 85°) Focal length equivalent to lens for 35 mm film: 23.6mm

1:1 (Angle of view: 180°) Focal length equivalent to lens for 35 mm film: 10.8mm


Set "Single Lens Shooting" as an active plug-in from "Settings" - "Camera setting" - "Plug-in" in "RICOH THETA" basic app for smartphone.

Press and hold the Mode button to launch the plug-in.

Press the shutter button on the camera.

(Activation of plug-in and shooting can also be operated from smartphone.)

Change settings:

In the basic app for smartphone, select "Settings" > "Camera settings" and set "Single Lens Shooting" in "Plug-in", then tap the icon displayed next to "Starting plug-in".

The browser is launched and the settings screen appears.


You can not control camera from "RICOH THETA" basic app for smartphone when the plugin activated.


Usage and Information

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