Developer Only

Camera Models: Z1

Developer: KATSUYA2

Source Code Available

Technologies: MotionJPEG


It is a sample program that is the basis when performing image processing for live-preview with THETA plug-in. This example is useful when executing frame image processing in THETA and checking the result on WebUI. Customize the image processing part and WebUI part according to each person's purpose.

This sample program is designed to accept WebAPI (RICOH THETA API v2.1) from the port for THETA Plug-in WebUI. In addition, the live-preview command has been extended (customized) to display the live-preview on the WebUI.

Usage and Information

The usage of extended commands and examples of applications are described below.


The IP address is the same as when not launching the plugin. It depends on the WLAN mode of THETA as follows.


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